Euro Link POSKY B767 Package (Final)

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posted by Charles9JET, 05/12/11 19:49
Thanks for this package...
I'm looking for a DHL texture for my LVLD 767 on FSX.
Do you have any idea where i can find one or if this package is compatible...
Rating: 8
posted by Artur Pianko, 05/28/09 12:32
Great Job!! Perfect painting for LOT Polish Airways ( I used this one yesterday in my flight from EPWA to KORD) Sounds, ohh sounds I said WOOW when I hear annousments for passengers, great Idea!!!. Panel works good, but...where is left and right view from cocpit, and virtual panel??? I know nothing is perfect, I wait for update with views :) This is my favourite add-on. VERY GOOD JOB.... Dont forget make update with views from cocpit . Thank you for your work.
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