1947 Republic Seabee RC-3

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posted by Graeme Ellis, 03/14/08 22:48
Great prototype in the Sault Ste. Marie Ont. Bushplane Heritage Centre! All yellow with black trim, as in Air Ward. Still in flying condition too!
posted by Guest User, 10/02/05 08:05
4/10, ive actually flown a seabea and not anywere near like the real thing, except you get points cause iy sorta looks like one
posted by Guest User, 08/24/05 02:39
I love it. I just downloaded it and tried it out a little(fair weather, VC, land & water TO & Lnd's). I have some time on floats, I've never flown a real Seabee, but it "flies" like I'd expect the real one to pretty much.
posted by Guest User, 07/26/05 17:41
Not a very good plane. Very hard to control and unrealistic.
posted by Guest User, 06/29/05 01:58
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