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posted on 05/18/08 05:40
Excellent vid, loved the music, too.
posted on 03/14/07 11:52
This is a thrilling video, well worth the 50MB download size. Don't miss it--it's a reall "10". Rick
posted on 12/15/06 11:37
Totally awesome video - a true '10' in every way!
posted on 12/03/06 06:52
Very good job, mate. "As real as it gets." :) Rick
posted on 11/03/06 01:53
Wow! Impressive video mate!
posted on 09/10/06 00:45
Wow, stellar job mate! Loved the ending, hehe!
posted on 08/19/06 23:39
This movie is really well done. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wet your pants. Download it now and enjoy. :D
posted on 08/17/06 18:38
Very good! Unusual and well-crafted!
posted on 08/12/06 09:21
Very professionally done and entertaining throughout!
posted on 07/20/06 11:34
Great job handling "the ladies" lol. :D
posted on 07/20/06 11:33
Very enjoyable, thanks for the ride! The music by Chicago was a nice change, too. :)
posted on 07/20/06 11:29
Great going, Tin. You're always pushing the envelope with something new and different!
posted on 07/20/06 11:28
Good work--beautiful scenes and sound!
posted on 07/20/06 10:40
Awesome work, Yogesh! This one's a keeper. :)
posted on 06/27/06 19:59
Which sim is this from? o_O
posted on 06/24/06 13:51
That's a 10/10, Ron! Great stuff. It was my pleasure to approve this file, and I look forward to you uploading more.
posted on 04/13/06 06:29
Awesome video with the Level-D 763.
posted on 04/09/06 22:53
Excellent video, almost 10 minutes long! :0
posted on 03/29/06 19:37
A perfect 10!
posted on 03/21/06 03:01
Good job!
posted on 03/20/06 01:33
Well done, Nick!
posted on 03/20/06 01:24
Very unusual...professional job though!
posted on 03/17/06 08:18
posted on 03/16/06 10:02
Looks great, and I love the song! :)
posted on 03/14/06 02:29
Wow, lots of hand landings! :)
posted on 03/04/06 15:54
Awesome job, mate. I love 757s and this has a lot of potential, so let's hope that by the time the project is totally buttoned up that Captain Sim gets it right. Great manual approach BTW.
posted on 03/04/06 14:20
Superb job René! I especially enjoyed the "full manual landing" at the end.
posted on 03/01/06 16:08
Very nice job!
posted on 08/26/05 21:06
Awesome Robin, you score another 10!
posted on 08/24/05 16:44
Very cool video and excellent landing by Mango! This proves once and for all that he flies airliners as well as GA aircraft. ;)
posted on 08/11/05 23:51
Really excellent GA upload. Thanks!
posted on 08/05/05 08:47
After seeing this awesome short movie showcasing PMDG's amazing 744 add-on, I'm nervously scrambling for my wallet. CAUTION: This video will separate you from your money once you see how gorgeous this bird is in motion! :D
posted on 08/02/05 22:39
Nothing amateur about this movie, so if this is any indication of things to come I'd say you have a bright future in video-crafting. Excellent, smooth motion, great manuevering, loved the music and effects. Time to go for the payware fraps, and also look for a file named "" in the library and you'll be all set.
posted on 07/17/05 17:10
Fully functional with one exception: You must depart from San Francisco (however you can go anywhere that you like thereafter). If you register then you can take off from any city in the world.
posted on 07/17/05 15:17
New version 1.1.0 released July 11, 2005.
posted on 07/14/05 04:18
This jet is a blast to fly, and comes with 3 paints. Thanks Fsimfan!
posted on 07/03/05 07:59
Great little GA plane with cool extras. Easy to install either automatically or manually. Thumbs up!
posted on 06/27/05 07:13
Fun addition with some trick features!
posted on 06/25/05 03:57
Hi guest user. Hope you were one of the hundreds of users to download this file in the first 24 hours! :p
posted on 06/17/05 21:23
Definitely one of the best! I recommend you download it if you've never seen it--a real keeper!
posted on 06/09/05 15:05
Click on the thumbnail for a detailed shot. Be sure and click the link in the description if you need the model (uploaded by Homeless) with which this panel is used. Come back and leave a comment and a vote if you enjoy this panel. Brad promised to give me a cookie if I get enough votes. Hoo ha! ;)
posted on 06/09/05 14:57
This zip contains a PDF with full instructions for setting up wing views on the iFDG aircraft mentioned in the description, as well as a text file with code that can be pasted in place to enable this feature. With the combination of the two files, both beginners and experts alike will have no problems adding their wing views.
posted on 06/09/05 14:52
I have this repaint and have done screen shots with it because it looks so genuine. Highly recommended!
posted on 06/09/05 14:50
The small shot above doesn't do justice to the quality of this repaint, so click it for a large view.
posted on 06/09/05 14:48
Click on the thumbnail shot to bring up a full-size image of this classy and classic livery.
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