North American X-15C

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NORTH AMERICAN X-15 by Massimo Altieri The North American X-15 was the first manned aircraft to cross the gap between the flight in the atmosphere and space flight. Test flights started in 1959, and in 10 years the X-15 became the fastest winged aircraft, reaching hypersonic velocities above Mach 6,7 and operating at altitudes above 30,000 meters. The X-15 flew 199 times (200th flight was repeatedly cancelled) between 1959 and 1968. THE MODEL This model was created with FSDS2. Many hours of work were dedicated to the internal virtual cockpit and illumination effects. FSDS2 easily allows animated parts and so there are a lot, included opening canopy, moving pilot head, airbrakes, rocket flame, etc. The aerodynamic and the engine features are much different from other aircrafts. You can easily reach MACH 3.5 and high altitudes in seconds and still land quite easily. Simulated runway take-off. Custom gauges and sounds included in package.
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