CH-47D Chinook Hellenic Army Aviation FSX ONLY

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Greece has 15 CH-47D. The 9 of them are upgraded CH-47C to CH-47DG in 1995. The other 6 are CH-47SD. In 1980 Greece ordered 10 CH-47C Chinook. The first arrived in Greece in 1983. The first Greek Chinooks formally were belonged to Iran but after the fallen of Shahs, they were given to Greece. In 1984 took place the first accident of the Greek Chinooks when the ΕΣ-006 had a heavy landing in Samos Island, during the transportation of a radar. After that the 006 was used as a source. The other 9 in the period of 1992-1994 were upgraded to D (Super D). After the Imia night, the Greek Government wanted to order 11 Chinooks helicopter, 9 SD and 2 SD for the Special Forces. Later 7 Chinooks were ordered. They have analogue cockpit and not glass cockpit in order to be same with the old DG. Also they have the better engine T55-L714A (4.868hp). This Chinook package is only for the FSX, but in case you want to fly it on your FS2004,then the majority of the Gauges will not be appeared. The package is complete. Features: model, Virtual Cockpit, new Panel, Sounds, rework Flight Dynamics, two Textures olive green and a dessert camo. The Original Model belongs to Mark Adams & Tom Woods, the reworked Flight Dynamics to Marwan Latif. The textures represent the olive green witch have now the Hellenic Chinooks and the dessert witch appeared until the upgraded of the CH-47C to CH-47DG.
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