Sim Real Airland 1.0

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I found this file on Flightsim a while back and it was so amazing i though I'd share it with you. These are replacement textures for Runway and Taxiway. Please respect the author and do not edit any of the files included. This was made by "Nazim Ali Patel" and this is his original description of the texture upgrade. " The image files contained within the ZIP file are upgraded Taxi and/or Runway textures for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. These textures will upgrade and replace the original textures supplied with the game. The Pixel Dimensions (Resolution) of these textures are 1024 px x 768 px and thus provide very sharp image quality. The Developing technique is so powerful that the size of these textures has not increased too much so the files provide faster frame rate. "
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Date added May 13, 2007
Filesize 7,111 kB
Author Nazim Ali Patel

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