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This is my first complete new scenery for FS2004, and it enhances the entry and inside of the default FS LAX. It has all new pylons at the entry to the airport, which now light up in color synchronization with the tower and restaurant structure at the airports center, just like the real light show at this airport. The LAX sign as you enter the airport is also included here. The palm trees throughout the airport are now more politically correct for the Southern California area, and what you would see at the real airport. There are also airport vans in various airline liveries parked near the terminals of their perspective airlines. There is now much greater night traffic flowing through the airport, roadway overlaps have been cleaned up, and the 405 Freeway has been shortened from my previous version to conserve on frame rates, but still provide the visual impact when landing here. This scenery should also be completely compatible with FS2002, but the tarmacs have been removed since they now exist in FS2004. An update for this scenery exists and should also be downloaded. Click here for the download page for this update.
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Date added Jun 23, 2005
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Author Bill Melichar

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