Peter Slaters FS9 AFCAD for EGNM (2009 v2.5)

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This is the AFCAD (updated and tweaked) for Default Scenery Users (Default FS2004 Scenery), EGNM Extreme Freeware Scenery Package v1.0 (Package by Peter Slater), UK2000 Part 7 (which includes EGNM) by Gary Summons and British Airports Vol.6 (which includes EGNM) by BA and UK2000 AFCAD updated only but the v1 for the others are included. Please make sure you read the readme.txt before installing. You have the choice to configure which runway is used if not both (i.e. 14, 32 or both). By Peter Slater, uploaded by Gareth Abbott. Those who downloaded v2 please redownload this version. Visit his web site for his other projects at
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Date added Jun 17, 2009
Filesize 1,375 kB
Author Peter Slater, Gareth Abbott

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