Irish Airports Scenery by IFSD

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EIDW - Dublin International, EICK - Cork International, EINN - Shannon, EICM - Galway, EIKL - Kilkenny, EISG - Sligo and EIWF - Waterford. FS2004 ONLY. FREEWARE ONLY. IFSD (Irish Flight Sim Design) Members: Graham Smith, Nick Whittome, Padraig O'Loughlin, Greg Coyle, Michael Kelly, Fergal Murphy, Stephen Casey and Paul Baines. Other people who's help has been invaluable in the making of this scenery ... Arno Gerretsen (technical adviser), Robert Vandenberghe (AFCAD and AI expert), Gerrish Grey (for his excellent tree library), Alan Devins (S61 and other assistance with Sligo Ole Egholm - Fokker F27 Model), AVSIM, The Beta testers, Our friends, families, wives, girlfriends who have put up with us working on this time consuming project!
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