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TMLE was designed to make the use of High Definition and Super High Definition textures easier. By default, FSX's maximum texture resolution is set to the 1024x1024 scale. TMLE can modify this to 2048x2048, and even 4096x4096, allowing you to take full advantage of HD textures. TMLE is not available in very many places these days, as the original Frosty Software website is no loner active. One day, a friend asked me if I had the original installer exe. Fortunately, after some searching on my hard drive, I was able to locate it. The idea came to us that it would be cool to make TMLE available to the public again, but not before contacting the original author. I contacted Steve Frost and he was kind enough to grant me permission to upload it. A huge thanks goes out to him for the permission and for developing such a simple, yet useful tool!
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Date added Jan 02, 2012
Filename tml_installer.zip
Filesize 2,636 kB
Author Steve Frost, Brandon Filer

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