LFRD2004 St-Malo VFR Scenery

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LFRD is a regional airport in Brittany, France. This scenery was created entirely with GMax and the latest Microsoft compilers. Everything was made to ensure maximum framerate while giving maximum visual impact, even on humbler machines. This scenery will run just as fast as the default one (which is very bare) with your current settings, even though there are litterally thousands of houses, buildings, trees and a detailed airport. This is a complete package: -SRTM local mesh with custom coast trimming -Custom phototexture (200sq km), with seamless blending into FS9 standard landclass -Full autogen with custom local texture -Custom landclass and waterclass -AFCAD2 file with parking codes -Custom Hi-res photographic textures at airport. -Gmax buildings and xml librairy objects. It was made by a real life pilot and is totally aimed at recreating the feeling of being there, not so much on the ground (after all, this is a FLIGHT simulator), but at circuit altitudes. This is not about recreating an airport in all its glorious details at the cost of framerate, but instead an exercice in balancing visual cues and details as viewed from up there to make it 'as real as it gets' within the limits of FS9.
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Date added Aug 04, 2005
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Author Etienne Vauchez

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