Tips and Tricks for FS2004 - Part 13 - Fall 2005

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Tips and Tricks - Part 13. This issue, the first of the Fall 2005 season, attempts to dispel the notion that you can become \"bored\" with FS2004. Numerous recommendations for new and different things to do and audition are included as well as the usual assortment of \"How-To's\", links to useful sites, and much, much more. A new feature is a \"From the Mailbag\" segment where we try to answer a question of general interest submitted by a reader. Updated indexes by John Burford in .xls (Excel) and .pdf formats for the entire series are included. There is also a group of BONUS files which I believe you will enjoy using. As usual, I have attempted to include something of value for everyone, regardless of your experience level. Compiled in .doc and .pdf formats for your flying enjoyment by David \"Opa\" Marshall.
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