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Community Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to both helping us maintain a productive community here as well as your own usage privileges.

If you see a violation to one of these rules, don't join in an argument with the offending member! Simply click the Report button beside the post, and an alert will be sent to the moderation team. We will review the topic and take the appropriate action.

1. Do not spam the forums or members. This means posting useless information over and over to make your post counter go up, advertising your own site or service (exception below), or sending unsolicited emails or PM's to other members (this includes advertising free services). This is a banning offense in most cases. If you would like other members to visit your site, use your signature (in your profile) or place an ad via our in-house advertising system.

Exception: Advertising your Virtual Airline in the VA Forum is acceptable as long as what you're advertising is free. If it is a commercial enterprise, like offering VA hosting for a fee, please use our ad system instead.

2. If you have a question, use the search function to find the answer before posting a new question. With a community this size it is more than likely that somebody has already asked the same question (and received a great answer!).

3. Refrain from posting sexually oriented content or using foul language in your posts or signature. This site is family-oriented, and such things don't belong in a Flight Simulator forum anyway. If you need to convey an emotion there are plenty of smilies ;)

4. Make your topic title relevant! Don't use generic topic titles like "Need help" or "Check this out!" If you choose a good title, the people who have something important to add will notice your post more quickly.

5. Because of past bad experiences with this, NO GOVERNMENT-RELATED topics! This is a flight simulator forum, and posts like these tend to spawn posts that violate rule #7. If you feel the need to propagate conspiracy theories or political views please do so on another site.

6. Piracy is not tolerated, nor is helping others become pirates. Do not post or request CD keys, no-cd patches or links to sites that offer them.

7. Insulting or otherwise being overtly rude to other members will not be tolerated. If you have nothing useful to say then say nothing at all. This would include the use of words like "owned", or any derivative thereof, in an attempt to embarrass or otherwise put down another member.

8. Derogatory comments regarding site moderation or specific moderators (including their actions or opinions) are unacceptable. These folks have a tough job and how well they do it is best judged by the administration only.

9. Have fun! Otherwise we will be forced to ban you! j/k Posted Image