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FS2004 Payware Addons - Flight Simulator Reviews

FiftyNorth Simulations Fifty North Boeing 737 Family
posted by Vikjet

The Fifty North Simulations proudly present to you highly detailed models of the Boeing 737 300/400/500 family. You will find accurate animation and proper movement times of ...
7.56 Tue, November 22, 2005 7:48pm 9 reviews
Level D Simulations 767-300
posted by Evan321

Aircraft Visual Model: The 767 visual model was done superbly and includes such features as: R.A.T. deployment animation, EVERY outside lightings tied to power busses and dedi ...
9.57 Mon, February 28, 2005 4:04am 22 reviews
Wilco/feelThere Caravan Deluxe!
posted by TheAvE8tor

The feelThere/Wilco Caravan is by far one of the best things that I have ever gotten. It is so much more realistic than the default Cessna Caravan and me being a Caravan lover ...
None Mon, October 19, 2009 4:50am No reviews
Lago FS Enhancer 2004
posted by Brad

FS Enhancer 2004 is the sequel to FS Scenery Enhancer for 2002 and includes FS Sound Scape and the best selling title for FS2000, FSTraffic, this all new product has now been ...
7.40 Sat, January 31, 2004 7:00am 5 reviews
Carenado Piper Cherokee 180F
posted by Ph34rL337

Piper Cherokee 180F - FS2004 ONLY FOR FS2004. Piper Cherokee 180F. Four different textures with maximum details and realistic textures. Includes: Interactive virtual cockpit ...
9.75 Sat, November 20, 2004 5:23am 8 reviews
PMDG Boeing 737
posted by Brad

> Accurately scaled and shaped 737NG -600 and -700 GMax exterior models > 4 different Main Panel perspectives > Authentic Glass Cockpit Displays / Complete FMC and EFI ...
9.39 Wed, January 28, 2004 9:40pm 44 reviews
Wilco / FeelThere 737 Pilot in Command
posted by 3ckpilot

737 PIC features highly detailed, GMax built 737-300/400/500 models. Many real life sytems such as IRS, Fuel Systems, Electronics, Anti-Ice, Hydraulics, Pressurization, Pneuma ...
8.71 Thu, November 16, 2006 2:03am 7 reviews
FSPassengers FSPassengers 2004
posted by ThreeNinerCharlie

FsPassengers 2004 is an add-on for Flight Simulator 2004 that will completely revolutionize the way you fly in Fs2004. Here are just some of the features of FsPassengers 2004: ...
9.00 Thu, July 21, 2005 8:46pm 6 reviews
PMDG Boeing 747-400
posted by Snippy_Duck2

GMax 747-400 Model - Accurately modeled down to the smallest detail complete with high resolution textures and three different engine variants Airplane Animations - Hund ...
9.08 Sat, August 6, 2005 4:41pm 25 reviews
Captain sim 757-200
posted by blueviper

The Captain sim 757-200 is made for FS2004, but the model I bought was updated for FSX. The model comes with a very nice VC package and many liverys. I found the aircraft easy ...
4.50 Thu, June 14, 2007 10:34pm 2 reviews
UK2000 Glasgow XTREME edition
posted by bigflyersmallbyer

Welcome to the most detailed scenery ever made for Glasgow Airport! Glasgow is the second of the new generation of products from UK2000 Scenery, using new methods and modeling ...
4.50 Sun, May 27, 2007 6:07pm 2 reviews
Alphasim B-1B Lancer
posted by Snippy_Duck2

The development of the successor to the B-52 began in the early 1960's and resulted in a contract being awarded to Rockwell in 1970. The B-1 first flew in 1974 but soon ran in ...
9.00 Tue, August 9, 2005 3:19pm 3 reviews

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