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Wingman Force 3D - Flight Simulator Reviews

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Reviews Date of last review
5 Mon, December 12, 2005
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100% of reviewers $53.33 6.5

Description: This true force feedback system delivers realistic effects
You have achieved total air superiority. But somehow, it seems like something is missing. We know how you recapture the feeling of adrenalin-pumping excitement: True force feedback. This is not just vibration, flyboy. This is the real deal. Feel all of the action: turns, collisions, weapon fire, and more.

Seven programmable buttons, eight-way hat switch and a precision throttle
That's a pretty serious complement of controls. But not so many that you need an advanced course in mnemonics to keep track of what they all do. It's all about responsiveness and professional control.

Comfortable stick with intuitive button placement
Don't let discomfort cramp your style. Our famous joystick grips and button orientation let you hunt down all the bad guys, dispatch them efficiently, and still have the dexterity to quickly type taunts explaining exactly how good you are.

Turn on a dime with precise twist-handle rudder control
Whether your plane is a delightful touring craft or something more lethal, you need to be in complete control. There should be no wrong turns with Logitech twist-handle technology.

Stable, but compact, weighted base
While you busily conquer foreign lands, why not reclaim some of your own territory as well? This joystick provides the stability you need to launch major offensives, but not at the expense of your desk space.

Bundled game
Just in case you are the only person on the planet who doesn't have a force feedback game, or more likely, your advanced skills have frightened off all the competitors in your current game, Logitech is throwing in a great game for you to enjoy. So enjoy!

One-year warranty
Logitech Profiler Software for PC

Customize button and force feedback functionality
Every game is different, and so is every gamer. We know that. So we provide this versatile software that allows you to have things your way.

"Double" the number of buttons with the shift-button
Are you a control freak? We are too. Enable the shift button functionality to turn all those buttons into twice as many.

Quickly switch between game controllers
Fly your plane, drive your car, and then kick the ball around without being frustrated by controller configuration. Our software lets you easily manage and switch between your Logitech game controllers.

Includes profiles for hundreds of popular games
We're quite sure that you know exactly how you want to set up your controller for your favorite games. But just in case, we've thrown in a few hundred of our favorite configurations.

Easily download new game profiles
As if the profiles we ship with the controller weren't enough.

Print out profiles for quick reference
We hate losing buttons. So we like to print out our game configurations for quick reference.
System Requirements

PC with 166 MHz or faster Intel Pentium® or compatible AMD® processor
20 MB available hard disk space
CD-ROM drive
USB port
Windows® 98, 2000, Me, or XP
Mac® OS X 10.2.3 or later*
Product Link: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/CA/EN,CRID=2221,CONTENTID=5016

Review Date: Wed, November 24, 2004 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: $60.00 | Rating: 2 

Pros: good control
Cons: have had big problems with twist handle

Great Product except for the twist handle, which has give me lots of problems.

I have overcome this problm by deleting the assignment and using pedals from my brothers racing wheel!
Review Date: Tue, April 12, 2005 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: $50.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Comfort, price
Cons: rudder (twist handle) gives problems

I bought this joystick after using teh standard one without force feedback for a while. I like them both alot, and the force feedback on this one is nice, a fun added feature. I've had trouble with the twist handle rudder axis on both of them though, they work fine for a while, then as they age, they get erratic, and jumpy. I'm not sure if it's a problem with dust getting in, or just a component wearing. Either way, the rest of the joystick's good features and performance make up for it. It's very comfortable, and has plenty of programmable buttons that are placed wuite well. The POV hat is nice too for a quick look around. I like the fact that the base is weighted, and stays put well without suction cups, which means that it will work well on almost any surface.

I would like to add that the twist handle has a lockout option, to lock it and not use it. However I still use mine, and just put up with the occasional jumpiness.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with it, and would buy another if I had it to do over again.

Edit - After writing about the rudder axis not working properly, I was motivated to see what the problem was. I took both joysticks apart and found that the little potentiometer for the rudder axis on both controllers was loose in the little "cradle" it sits in. I dab of glue on each and they both perform flawlessly now. I'm happy. :nice:
Review Date: Mon, October 24, 2005 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: None indicated | Rating: 0 

Pros: Good Product, Sturdy
Cons: Not the easiest to cailbrate-For Me

Good For The Money
Review Date: Thu, November 24, 2005 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: $50.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: POV good for looking around
Cons: sometimes the force feedback cam be jumpy and makes it hard to fly

its verry godd for a beginer, and intemediate flyers. but until you get VERY used to it, it can be hard to use....but if you serious about flight siming then you want something a bit more glamorous! like a x52 etc. but i am very pleased with it.
Review Date: Mon, December 12, 2005 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: None indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: Good handling, force feedback
Cons: centering

I think this is a very good joystick. The force feedback makes it very realistic, and the handlind is good. Steering on the ground can be a bit difficult to begin with, but you get used to it.

The centering isn't great though - although you do get used to it.

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