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posted on 05/14/07 20:28
I have to say, the music takes me back to the mid 80's when I used to sit down on Friday nights to watch Miami Vice. I notice you used some sort of turbine going into St Bart. Now, I know you had to had your crash detector off, cause that was a mighty hard landing, and I know darn well impossible to land in other than GA aircraft. Nice video, never the less.
posted on 10/24/06 23:54
Love the fast beat and the sinc between flight and music. Nice job!
posted on 08/19/06 17:54
Very nice! I always enjoy Lock-on. A good break from fs9 when you want to lock and load.
posted on 08/19/06 17:47
Look forward to getting your scenery when it comes out.
posted on 08/17/06 21:41
Very nice video, but where did you get the Nashville scenery? I'm suprise you didn't get shot down by the Air Force for flying so close to those buildings!
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