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Rating: 7
posted by Mixamo, 07/15/09 13:46
It's very good, but how can I make it to fly on the GPS?
posted by aniceguy, 06/30/09 09:45
The Project Mach team have told me that they are re-doing their model for FSX ... this is what i was told though. It will only be available from two web sites though. I hope this isn't their model because I have had to ask for my pack to be removed. However I have re-uploaded my v speed readouts and panel for the concorde.

You can get the Project Mach 2.0 Model from here --- OR ---
Rating: 1
posted by guest, 04/19/09 13:30
i evnet cant see true the window in the 3d cockpit
where is the sonic boom
normal you cant hear the engines whit a speed of + mach1
posted by [Anonymous], 10/20/08 17:07
I'm gonna try to download this, looks like the only solid concord for the FSX out there, for now =D
Rating: 9
posted by v1ncent, 06/19/08 19:42
i think that the simulated aircraft has the same capability as the real concord but the avionics need some work, like the attitude indicator should display the actual attittude, and fix the ultralight stall requirement thing!! that is all that really needs fixing.
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