FS2004 Boeing 737-8Q8 9Y-KIN BWIA West Indies

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FS2004 Boeing 737-8Q8 9Y-KIN BWIA West Indies

Original Copyright:FFX/SGA
Original Paint: Ben Hewitt
Repaint by: Alejandro Hurtado

If you want to go to the West Indies, Why don't go in something like this?.

BWIA West Indies Airways, called "Bwee" by locals, is the national airline of Trinidad and Tobago. BWIA was founded on November 27, 1940 when the WWII destroyed the british links between Trinidad and Barbados. BWIA started using a Lockheed Lodestar twin on daily services between Trinidad and Barbados. By 1942 the airline had three aircraft of this kind. In 1948 BWIA was sold to British South American Airways, but the name 'BWIA' was retained for operating routes among the Caribbean Islands using Vickers Viking twin piston types.
In 1949 BSAA merged with British Overseas Airways Corporation and BWIA became a subsidiary of BOAC. The route network was subsequently expanded and re-equipped. Vickers Viscounts were introduced in 1955 with Bristol Britannias leased in 1960 to fly the long-haul route to London, via New York City. One year later the government of Trinidad and Tobago acquired most of the shares in the airline, and achieved complete ownership by 1967.
The jet age began in 1967 with the introduction of Boeing 727s, which replaced the Viscount turboprops and on the New York route. The London route was re-started in 1975 using Boeing 707 jets. BWIA became BWIA International in 1980 after a merger with Trinidad and Tobago Air Services, becoming the national airline. The same year also saw the Boeing 707s replaced on the London service with a new Lockheed L-1011 Tristar 500s.
By 1994 the airline had become partially privatised. A substantial reorganisation of its route network left London and Frankfurt the only European destinations. The airline ordered Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft, then canceled the order in favor of Airbus A321 and Airbus A340 jets; in turn, this order was dropped after only two A321s were delivered. It was renationalised, then re-privatized, with the government of Trinidad and Tobago holding a 50% stake in the airline.
In the early 2000s BWIA changed its livery to a new colorful Caribbean green/blue color with its famous steelpan trademark, the national instrument of its home base. The fleet has been upgraded to seven Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft, two Airbus A340-300s, and two Bombardier De Havilland Q300 Dash 8s used by BWIA's sister airline Tobago_Express, which provides service to Trinidad's sister island Tobago.
As of 2003 BWIA was one of the leading Caribbean airlines, carrying over 1.4 million passengers a year with over 600 departures in the Caribbean and another 60 international departures every week. BWIA earns roughly US$276m per year, employs 2,350 staff, has 70 daily flights, and carries 8.1 million kilos (17,857,260 pounds) of air cargo per year. Its inflight magazine, Caribbean Beat, is well-regarded.
However, BWIA has also been plagued by losses and has a history of continuous injections of funds from the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

BWIA has hubs in Port-of-Spain and Barbados. It serves New York City,
Miami, Florida, Toronto, Washington, DC, London, Manchester, Glasgow,
Belfast, Caracas, Georgetown (Guyana), Suriname, San José (Costa Rica),
Havana, Santo Domingo, Kingston, Antigua, St. Lucia, Tobago, Grenada, and
St. Maarten.
Through a codeshare agreement with United Airlines it offers connecting
service to Boston, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and
Seattle. BWIA also has a alliance with another Caribbean airline, LIAT,
which together provide over 25 regional destinations.

BWIA’s fleet at the end of 2000
4 L1011-500 5 MD-83
3 Dash 8-300Q 6 B737-800

BWIA’s fleet at April 2005
2 Airbus A340-300
7 Boeing 737-800
3 Dash 8-300Q

I made this plane before (b737ah12), but when you load this in FS9 you get a warning and the fans and gear has problems. So I'm making a repaint specially for FS9. This model will fly in both FS2002 and FS2004. This is not the Kittyhawk model, so please dont get it mixed up.
I'm happy to know that BWIA Virtual (from flyva.net) is using my FS2002 BWIA 737-800 plane. I hope they will use this FS2004 version too.
A beg to the virtual airlines administrators: please tell me when you use one of my planes in your fleet. I ALLWAYS will let you to use them, but the only reward I have for make this repaints is to know where in the world are this planes and how many people use them.

My previous repaints are:

For Fs2002 only:
b190ah6: Beech 1900D from Us Air Express
b190ah7: Beech 1900D from the canarian island's Air Atlantic
b737ah8: American Airlines Astrojet, a 2001 plane painted like the 60´s
b737ah12: A BWIA 737-800 in caribean decoration.
c235ah13: The CN-235 was used by the spanish line Binter Mediterraneo
d328ah15: The two Do-328 (prop) of Welcome Air
d328ah16: Air Engiadina was the launching client of the DO-328

For FS2002, in Fs2004 the night cockpit lightning doesnt looks well from outside:
b727ah1: Green and yellow Braniff's 727
b727ah2: 727 flow by Viasa when was bought by Iberia
b727ah3: Braniff 727 painted by Alexander Calder
b727ah4: One of the first 727 flow by Kulula.com
b727ah11: Alaska Airlines 727 leased to the Seattle NFL Team Seahawks

For FS2002, displays a warning in Fs2004 but works ok:
Ju52mlka: Ju-52 owned by Milka chocolats company, in flying state
tornah10: Tornado in 2001 Tiger Meet painting

For FS2004 and FS2002:
md11ah5: MD-11F from Eva Air Cargo
l1011ah9: Two L1011 leased by Iberia
d328ah14: The only Do-328JET of Welcome Air
atr4ah17: Two of the ATR-42 owneds by Lai, a venezuelan company
pby5ah18: A water bomber PBY Catalina, the Canso 71 was used in Spain
pby5ah19: A water bomber PBY Catalina, in red painting from Spain.
b727ah20: 727 flow by Singapore Airlines
d328ah21: DO-328 (prop) Welcome Air, upgraded for FS2004
b727ah22: Alaska Airlines 727, upgraded for FS2004
1049ah23: Super Constellation belonging to Linea Aeropostal Venezolana
b727ah24: Green and yellow Braniff's 727, upgraded for FS2004
b727ah25: Blue Braniff 727
1049ah26: Super Constellation from Iberia
b727ah22: Alaska Airlines 727, upgraded for FS2004
1049ah23: Super Constellation belonging to Linea Aeropostal Venezolana
b727ah24: Green and yellow Braniff's 727, upgraded for FS2004
b727ah25: Blue Braniff's 727.
1049ah26: Super Constellation from Iberia
d328ah27: Do-328 prop of Air Engiadina, upgraded for FS2004
p51dah28: P-51D Cripes a'Mighty 3rd, a beautifull warbird
b757ah29: Three liverys of the same B757 from LTE to Volar Airlines
b727ah30: Viasa's 727 with Iberia-like colors, upgraded for FS2004
d328ah31: Do 328 flow by VIP Airlines.
b737ah32: Rutaca's 737 in the colors of the Vinotinto Football Club
p51dah33: The only venezuelan P-51D
b727ah34: Red Braniff 727
a320ah35: A320 when LTE was renamed as Volar Airlines
b737ah36: American Airlines Astrojet, upgraded for FS2004
b727ah37: 727 charter flow by Amerijet
b757ah38: 757 Prestige, the biggest spanish private plane
p51dah39: Two P-51D Taiwan Air Force
p51dah40: Another P-51D Taiwan Air Force
p51dah41: P-51D Popular Liberation Army Air Force
p51dah42: Another P-51D Popular Liberation Army Air Force
d328ah43: Do 328-110 from Swisswings
met3ah44: Metro 3 Air Catalunya, a spanish charter company
met3ah45: Three Metro 3 operateds by Key Lime Air
p51bah46: A civilian P-51D in black and red colors.
b737ah47: The famous spanish 737 from Air Europa with Martini stickers
crvlah48: Two Finnair's Caravelle.
b737ah49: two 737-200 owned by the venezuelan company Avior.
crvlah50: Two Caravelles from the spanish line Hispania
p51dah51: This P-51D appeared in the movies "The Empire of the Sun" and "Menphis Belle"
b190ah52: Beech 1900D from Us Air Express, upgraded for FS2004
c130ah53: A civilian C-130 from Tepper Aviation.
b727ah54: Boeing 727-200 from Pride Air

fix01ah: Fixes the bottom color of b727ah24
fix02ah: Improves the flight dinamics of b757ah29 and b757ah38

I love the warranty wrote by Andrew W. Hall:
"None. Zip. Nada. Use at your own risk. I don’t think
this will harm your computer in any way, but if it does, I
don’t even want to hear about it."

A last remark: Why don't become a repainter? There are a lot of planes with special markings. I'm tired of the usual F-16 low-vis scheme, or the usual 757 in Delta markings. Why don't a Tornado Tiger Meet or a serie of Easy Jet's 737s? The plane modelers like FFX-SGA are very important, but they can't make all the painting schemes by himselfs. So why don't help him and his friends?


Just unzip b737ah55.zip in your "Aircraft" folder of FS2002, FS2004 or FS9 (make sure "use folder names" is checked) install your desired panel and that's all. If you don't know how to install a panel, just let the default 737-400.

If you like this, or any observation, send me a mail to dracosist@cantv.net

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