BMW 760Li

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BMW 760Li
Drive on the roads and surfaces of Flight Simulator in luxury and style. Hop into this BMW 760Li for a drive to the airport, or just take a trip for sightseeing on the ground. There's a lot of the world in Flight Simulator to explore, so get behind the steering wheel of this prestigious luxury sedan, and enjoy the drive. The BMW 760Li is the top model of all BMW Sedans. This refined luxury sedan is recreated in this addon for Flight Simulator. A reflective polished exterior paint covers an extremely well made model, and a detailed interior virtual cockpit is here for you to experience and enjoy. This BMW 760Li has an animated female driver. When you get into the virtual cockpit, she becomes your animated passenger who keeps you company as you drive. When the engine is turned off, she moves outside and stays animated as she actively cleans the windshield of your BMW. The doors can be opened and closed, the windows can be rolled up and down, and the sunroof can be tilted up, or fully opened. Each of these actions has its own separate keyboard control. In rainy or snowy weather, the windshield wipers automatically turn on. (Read the included instructions for keyboard control details.)
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