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FSPassengers 2004 - Flight Simulator Reviews

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6 Fri, October 17, 2008
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100% of reviewers $37.00 9.0




Description: FsPassengers 2004 is an add-on for Flight Simulator 2004 that will completely revolutionize the way you fly in Fs2004. Here are just some of the features of FsPassengers 2004:

* Add passengers to your flights! Finally, you're not alone in the sky.
* Passengers react to how you fly your plane. Hear them scream if you make drastic mistakes, and get their opinion of your flight in real time.
* Provide in-flight passenger services such as movies, music, and drinks.
* Make money for successful flights; be fined if you do something wrong.
* Manage an airline (make money, manage aircraft fleets, etc).
* Maintain your aircraft in good condition, otherwise you may experience unique and suprising failures.
* Create and maintain pilot careers.
* Keep detailed logs and statistics for every flight you make (great for virtual airlines).
* Fly through dangerous parts of the world, and risk the safety of your plane, crew, or passengers!
* Export your flight to your Virtual Airline.
* This add-on includes more than 200 in-flight sounds to immerse you in the ambiance of flight. Hear feedback from your co-pilot, flight attendants, passengers; listen to ATC chatter, music, GPWS, and more.
* All screens and reports work in full screen. No need to quit FS.
Product Link: http://www.fspassengers.com/

Review Date: Fri, July 22, 2005 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: $38.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: The thought behind it.
Cons: NA

Amazing product. It has been created almost perfectly. Just read the features list.. It is a remarkable tool. I konw that I found myself being extra careful on landing and taxiing, etc... It is FUN TOO!!! For those who like offline flying, this makes you feel like you aren't alone in the skies...

Excellent job on this thing!
Review Date: Fri, August 12, 2005 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: $39.99 | Rating: 8 

Pros: really cool and fun
Cons: too sensitive on landings and stuff

Its really cool. But if your landings arent absoloutley perfect, you will crash.
Review Date: Mon, June 26, 2006 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: $30.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Makes you feel that you are actully flying in a passenger plane - not an empty one, very realistic, respect for landing in harsh weather... you even get claps from the passengers! this is the best addon i have ever bought , get it, u won't regret it!
Cons: none, apart from slightly lower frame rates

This has to be the best download i have ever bought. contrary to what the guy above says... (love you really) u have to do a pretty awfull landing to crash, if you hit the deck a bit hard the co-pilot will let you know with a witty comment that can match chandler from friends, but u really have to go nose down to crash! anything along the lines of 1-350ft per minute touch down is considered reasonable. If you are in stormy weather u get extra points towards your licence.
FsPassengers actually gives you something to do while your on the ground and in the air. more recent downloads allow you to divert to a different destination, which unnerves the passengers cos they wana know the reason why, and you can always call a mayday if something goes wrong, u also get extra points for performing an emergency landing if nescessary... however, dont think u can call mayday for no reason as i found out the hard way Sad .... another witty comment from mr co-pilot " captain.... what is the problem? *patronising smile*" lol.
seriously tho, this is an amazing addon, recent downloads allow you to customise what u want and what u dont want, u can choose what crew announcements you want played for added reality.. you can even record your own when you next go on holiday.
its not just the crew announcements you get though. you are part of a company, You have to keep a schedule when you fly, you give an ETA and if you are late or really early your passengers ARNT pleased. You have to save up and buy ur aircraft... if you want to go the hard way like me, you also have to maintain them.. if you fly near or in iraq you run the risk of being shot down, and whats even better, if you are shot u dont get the "CRASH" sign up, it actually just damages your aircraft, an engine flame out, eletricity gone, hull rupture... its all there! be sure to maintain your aircraft though... because if its not maintained well...ur screwed.... everything is picked up, landing lights on at and below 10,000 ft, you have to have your squawk set correctly, if you hit your tail on the ground on rotation the co-pilot will make you look a FOOL. the passengers react to the flight, to turbulence, to you forgetting to turn the seatbelt sign off, to no food or drink to even drunk and aggressive passengers! this is the height of realism and you have to buy it! 10000/10
Review Date: Sun, September 10, 2006 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: None indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: Adds more realism,fun, carreer mode
Cons: Too many bugs

Good add-on with many features Wink i'm only dissapointed with all the bugs in each release
Review Date: Tue, December 12, 2006 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: None indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: Makes otherwise boring flights more entertaining.
Cons: Some parts are more for entertainment value than realism, paying for features you don't need/use.

A unique add-on that makes FS flights more entertaining, recommended.
Review Date: Fri, October 17, 2008 Recommended: Yes | Price paid: $40.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Quite user friendly,great support via FsP forum,very realistic
Cons: C23 level bug(highest rank level)

I have used FS Passengers for 2 years now and will only fly FS9 with this program. Until I learned about and tried FS Passengers, I rarely gave FS9 a second thought. Now I can hardly stay away from my pc! I have even rebuilt my pc several times over the past 2 years to have falwlessly smooth performance while using FS Passengers w/ all of my add-on aircraft and sceneries. It certainly prompted me to dive deep into my pockets to buy all of the wonderful products to make the simulation more realistic.

Not only is the program quite user friendly, it immerses one into a level of flying complexities that many of us real world pilots engage in from day to day. You can run your own company, advance through a multitude of flying ranks, generate $$ for your company, buy/sell aircraft, get graded on how well your landings are, experience some real world emergencies like failed brakes, engine failure on takeoff, assymetrical flap scenario,etc...handle emergencies well and you get rewarded for them!

Moreover, the FsP forum is a great community to enhance your overall FS Passengers experience. The support there is second to none! Every year, for the past 3 years, many of us have been involved in a very challenging FsP World Tour. All flights are either completed online or not. The objective is to make them all online. It's a great way to get to know the many people across the globe who thoroughly enjoy the FsP experience. The moderator of the FsP World Tours does a tremendous amount of work putting together all of the planned routes for the tour, provides links to freeware sceneries, narratives/historical background for each city, airport information and charts, weather map, and has provided a dedicated web site for world tour users. How could one NOT want to buy this product since all of the extra goodies that come with it?

Once you try FS Passengers, you'll want to buy it!


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